What Are the Primary Causes of Water Damage?

Watch Out for These Signs!

Water damage is one of the biggest threats to your home. It can easily destroy your flooring and belongings. You also have to be really careful if you encounter it. If you don’t know what causes water damage, below are the main three factors.

Tree Roots

When there are tree roots in your property, they can create a lot of problems. The holes they make when they grow will allow water to seep into the foundation of your house. This also causes structural damage and puts extra stress on the flooring. Tree roots can clog your water pipes. Thus, it would also cause issues in the performance of your plumbing system. You can call a plumber but for the areas that are already exposed to water, you can always call a water damage specialist.

Drainage Issues

Perhaps, one of the main reasons for water damage is drainage issues. Your drainage system might be damaged, so the moisture in your home will end up building up until it overflows into your property. This is mostly caused by clogged gutters and malfunctioning toilets.

Construction Damage

If you recently had some construction done on your property, there’s a chance that there are some problems with its drainage system. This could possibly cause additional water damage because it won’t be able to handle the added pressure from all the rain.


You should definitely call a professional right away if you notice that your ceiling has started leaking, your walls have started cracking or breaking, and your foundations are settling or shifting. Check if there’s wet debris sitting on top of underground piping. Natural disasters and deterioration are just some of the common causes of water damage.

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